Research on Structure Materials for Energy Reactor Components

  • Effects of point defect on irradiation damage of Fe-based composites
  • Development of Fe-W-Cu composite materials with a high thermal conductivity
  • Radiation damage and mechanical property of Fe-Cu-W composite materials
  • Effects of solute atoms on the loop formation in Fe-Cr-Al steels
  • Effect of gas atoms (He and H) on defect cluster evolution around grain boundaries in reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steels
  • Study on BCC high-entropy alloy based on refractory elements
  • Study on Cu-based high entropy alloys for nuclear reactor application
  • Estimation of Stacking fault energy in FCC high entropy alloys
  • Radiation damage in FeCrNiMn-X high entropy alloys
  • Effect of impurity on microstructure evolution in irradiated high entropy alloys
  • Corrosion resistance of FCC high entropy alloys under high temperature water
  • Corrosion behavior of high entropy alloys in in dilute hydrochloric acid
  • Effect of irradiation damage on high temperature water corrosion in FCC high entropy alloys

Research on Hydrogen Storage Materials

  • Reaction mechanism of ammonia syntheses by means of Lithium alloy
  • Development of MH-MOH hydrogen storage materials
  • Study on the syntheses  and hydrogen storage property of Na2Ca(NH2BH3)4
  • Hydrogenation and de-hydrogenation property of the highly activated Mg
  • Development of new high entropy alloys composed of la and lla elements