Faculty and Stuff

Professor Naoyuki HASHIMOTO (Researchmap)

Class:Material Physics, Engineering Materials – Metals and Alloys, Engineering of Materials Design, Freshman Seminar for undergraduates,  and Advanced Energy Materials for graduates
Room: MC633
Phone: +81-11-706-6770
E-mail: hasimoto ♥

Assoc. Prof. Shigrhito ISOBE (Researchmap)

isobeClass: Elementary Solid State Physics, Basic English in Materials Science for undergraduates, and Instrumental Analysis for Materials, Introduction to Materials Science for graduates
Room: MC630
Phone: +81-11-706-6771
E-mail: isobe ♥

Assis. Prof. Hiroshi OKA   (Researchmap)

Class:  Materials Engineering Experiments for undergraduates
Room: MC619
Phone: +81-11-706-6769
E-mail: hiroshi_oka ♥

Secretary Kaori KOBAYASHI

Tel: +81-11-706-6769


D3:Jingming SHI         E-mail: shi-jingming ♥

D3 : Yu LEI         E-mail: leiyu ♥

D2: Jungwoo HEO          E-mail: heo ♥

D1: Peng BI          E-mail: bipeng ♥

D1:  Yun ZONG          E-mail:y-zong ♥

D  : Eriko SUZUKI          E-mail: suzuki_eriko ♥

D  : Hironobu ARASHIMA          E-mail: hironobu_arashima ♥


M2: Dongyang ZIANG          E-mail: jiang ♥

M2: Masahiro KAMISAWA        E-mail: kamisawa ♥

M2: Mitsuki ZUSHI          E-mail : zushi ♥

M2: Tatsuya FUKUSHI         E-mail : fukushi-tatsuya ♥

M2: Moto SHIRAI          E-mail : shiraim ♥

M2 : Nozomi NOTO          E-mail: n-noto ♥

M1 : Itaro ARASHIRO         E-mail: arashiro.italo ♥

M1 : Ryota IKUBO          E-mail: r.ikubo ♥

M1 : Mayuko NAGATOMO          E-mail: nagatomo ♥

M1 : Eryo WADA          E-mail: e-wada ♥

M1 : Shinri NAKAMURA          E-mail: s.nakamura ♥


B4 : Kentaro SHIBATA         E-mail: e103e0e9 ♥

B4 : Sotaro SUDOH        E-mail: jupinusudocchi01 ♥

B4 : Keisuke TAKAHASHI        E-mail: tkeisuke ♥

B4 : Hirotada HASHIMOTO        E-mail: h-hashimoto ♥

B4 : Kensei FUJII        E-mail: kenfujii2430 ♥